Coy Hinton

Atlanta Decatur Oxford District


District Superintendent of the Atlanta Decatur Oxford District


Coy Hinton became a district superintendent in June 2006. He brings over 30 years experience in local church and extension ministry to this role. Blessed with the spiritual gifts of administration and wisdom, he has served as a student, associate pastor of Avondale Pattillo Church, Midway Church (Douglasville), Aldersgate Church (Augusta), and Duluth First Church, and as associate director of Connectional Ministries since 1975. Now he offers leadership to the Atlanta College Park District.

When asked to share major milestones in his ministry, Coy replies, My ordination and each of the appointments I have served are highlights, but there's not a certain time and place that stands out as the focal point. All of it together has been a defining experience to me in terms of the importance and necessity for ministry. People need love, compassion, forgiveness, and a higher standard to live by, which I think the church offers in ways that other social institutions do not.

In the past, we built churches and waited for the people to come to us. It's a different world today and I think we're going to have to learn new methods for touching the lives of this diverse urban population who may not have had a significant relationship with the church. We have to get outside the building on a weekly basis, introduce ourselves, and begin to develop relationships and friendships with people in the community. As complex as doing ministry sounds, it boils down to two things. You start and end your day with prayer, and in between, you work really hard. A native of Georgia, Coy graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. He later received his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Candler School of Theology at Emory University.