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Welcome our new District Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Mike Long.  

‘Power of Together’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… My first trip to Annual Conference was as a Youth Delegate.  Leon Goodman and I went to Glenn Memorial UMC as youth representatives of Pomona United Methodist Church in the Griffin District.  My dad was the Pastor of the Pomona-Mt. Zion Charge in those days.  I had no idea then that I’d be attending Annual Conference for the majority of the rest of my life.  I’ve only missed two Annual Conferences, one when I had meningitis/encephalitis in 2009; the other when Sharon began her ...

‘Forgiveness Please’

Terry Walton


  I Was Thinking… I read an indicting statement in Robert Benson’s book Punching Holes in the Dark.  It grabbed me and caused me a moment of confession in my spiritual journey.  He writes, “Years of performing in a Christian rock-and-roll band in churches, years of working in a Christian music company whose audience was the crowd of people who already believed the things we were saying, years of making books largely aimed at the people who base their lives on the same theological pillars I do ...

'Adjusting Our Sails’

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… The late astronaut James Irwin once said, “You might think going to the moon was the most scientific project ever but they literally ‘threw us’ in the direction of the moon.  We had to adjust our course every ten minutes and landed within fifty feet of the 500 mile radius of our target.” This is a great illustration of life.  Life is full of adjustments.  There is nothing as permanent as change.  It was Max DePree who wrote, “When you can’t change the direction of the wind ...

Just Thinking... United and Together

Dana Everhart


Just Thinking ...   You know by now I believe with all my heart that the Way Forward for us as The United Methodist Church is UNITED and TOGETHER.  My brother in ministry, in the superintendency, and good friend, Sky McCraken, is completing his sixth year as a DS and moving on as I am. He writes a powerful blog. I want to share it here with you. It speaks what my heart has been feeling for so long. I ask you to read it, to consider it, and to pray for our United Methodist Church. Next week, ...

Just Thinking... And Celebrating PKs

Dana Everhart


There are a lot of graduations photos being shown on Facebook. It is thrilling to see the achievement of these young women and men. There are smiles everywhere and looks of relief on many parents’ faces. I have not had the privilege of sharing with students’ graduation from High School in over six years, because my office is so far removed from their life events.  But today I want to take a moment to offer words of encouragement to those preacher kids who are graduating at this time. I know of ...


Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… As I rode into work I was stopped at a traffic light beside a Cobb County school bus.  I noticed the camera mounted on its’ side and thought to myself “How sad!”  Sad that we live in a day and time that requires we have security cameras inside and outside of school buses.  Inside and outside of the transportation vehicles that transport our children to and from school. Security has become big business in this world that is haunted by fear at every turn.  One could say that the ...

'Position is Everything'

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… Someone once said, “You can never see the sunrise by looking west.”  I happen to like that kind of profoundness.  How we position ourselves does make a difference.  Haven’t we all known people (and maybe at times been the person) who were excellent reservoirs of learning yet never had an idea?  As J. Oswald Chambers once wrote, “Eyes that look are common.  Eyes that see are rare.” Our position in life does impact what we experience in life.  To resist or receive is a choice we ...

Just Thinking... More Changes Ahead

Dana Everhart


Have you heard the good news?!? Well, it is good and bad news, and I can't ask you which you want first, because I can't hear your response. Since we are people of the Good News, I will start there. Our faithful and loyal Administrative Assistant, Teresa Lilja, has been asked by Bishop Sue and Dr. Richard Winn to become a Full-Time Local Pastor as of this Annual Conference. Teresa has been approved by the Board of Ministry to move from being a Part-Time Local Pastor to the Full-Time status. On ...

'Mean Mom'

Terry Walton


I Was Thinking… I have said it in many places but not yet in “Third Day Thoughts”…I was raised by the meanest mother in the world.  My mother expected me to do my chores which consisted of dusting, vacuuming, sweeping half of our basement (my sister did the other half) and mowing the lawn (we called it ‘cutting the grass’).  My mom expected me to do my homework.  She expected me to make up my bed.  As I grew older she expected me to communicate my ‘whereabouts’ and to be home by a set curfew. ...

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